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You hereby assign and grant Fort Collins Public Media (FCPM, Channel 97), and their agents the right and permission to copyright and/or publish photographic portraits, pictures, motion pictures, video, or electronic images of yourself in which you may be included in whole or in part, or in any composite or reproductions thereof, in color or otherwise, made through any media at their studios or elsewhere, for art, underwriting, trade, education, training, broadcasts through cable or web, or any other similar purposes whatsoever, indefinitely.

You hereby waive your right to inspect and/or approve the finished product that may be used in connection herewith.

You hereby release and discharge Fort Collins Public Media (FCPM, channel 97), and their agents, their successors and all persons acting under its permission and authority, or those for whom it/they are acting, from any liability produced in the recording or editing of said images or in any processing toward the completion of the finished product.  You understand that the entire edited program, or segments from it, may be transmitted over Channel 97 on the local cable television system or internet for educational and entertainment purposes.

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Our board meetings are typically held on the 1st Wednesday of each month and begin at 6:00 PM. These are open to the public unless otherwise noted. There may be exceptions to the date/time so please contact us to verify the meeting time.

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