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Healthcare WTF? 

(What are the Facts?)

We talk with public health experts about common healthcare issues in our communities and ask the tough questions.

Episode #1 - Our Healthcare System needs to be fixed


In this episode, host Paul Anderson sits down for a conversation with Dr. George Bohmfalk, a retired neurosurgeon, to discuss the current state of the healthcare system, what needs to be fixed and Medicare for All.


Produced by Philip Maior

Healthcare WTF - Episode 1Dr. George Bohmfalk
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Episode #2 - COVID-19 Health Care Relief Bills


Dr. Kristine Hembre and Radhika Nath examine and critique three very different COVID-19 related healthcare relief bills working their way through Congress. In this episode they will delve into the facts about The Health Care Emergency Guarantee Act (S.B. 3790 Sanders/Jayapal), Medicare Crisis Program Act (H.R. 6674 Jayapal/Kennedy), and The Worker Health Coverage Protection Act (H.R. 6514 Scott/Dingle).


Produced by Gerri Vermont.

Episode #3 - Racism in Medicine


In this episode Kristine and Radhika discuss how systemic racism in our nation's insurance driven, for profit healthcare system results in poorer health outcomes, lower life expectancy and reduced quality of life for people of color. Reforming our healthcare system could be the first domino to fall in toppling the racism inherent in other systems as well.

Produced by Gerri Vermont.

Episode #4 - Public Health: Important for Everyone


In this episode, Kristine and Radhika will delve into what a good public health system looks like and why this matters to everyone's health. 

Produced by Gerri Vermont.

Episode #5 - Burnout: The Moral Injury of Healthcare Providers


In this episode, Kristine and Radhika welcome guest Madhavi Patt, MD to the podcast to talk about burnout in the medical profession..

Produced by Gerri Vermont.

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