Video Production

for Fort Collins Nonprofits


Utilizing our 2019-2020 matching grant funds from the City of Fort Collins, we provide video production services to area non-profits.  These services include social media shorts, event coverage, public service announcements and organizational awareness videos.  Full production includes preproduction planning, capturing and postproduction, including exporting and delivery of the final file. 

Production Assistance

for Local Video Producers

As your local cable television station, we are fortunate enough to have an up to date studio with 4 editing bays and lots of gear! Our network of producers is always growing and so we can help pair you up with other producers in the area; often times we will jump on ourselves to lend a helping hand and or point you in the right direction.  We know... it takes a village!  

 Mentorship Credit Program

(Middle and High School) 


We mentor middle and high school students in all the areas of video production.  This program is for credit through their respective schools.  So if your student is interested in this area and your school offers a mentorship for credit, give us a call!  The hours fly by and we feel that we get just as much from it as the student.

Video Production Training

for Fort Collins Residents


We offer training in lighting, audio, camera operation, editing and shooting techniques to residents of Fort Collins.  Whether you are used to shooting with a DSLR, cell phone or cinema camera, we can help you improve your footage and guide you through the steps of full video production, right here at our facility.

Video Assessment and Critique


We believe that the only way to get better at what you do is to review your past work and figure out how you would like to improve it.  We hold critiques of group works as well as one on one sessions with local producers who are looking for a rough draft and sometimes final draft opinions on their productions.  The key word here is critique, not critic.

Music Demo, Podcasts and Audio Drama Recordings


We offer local musicians a way of cataloguing your work through multitrack recording in a high end demo.  This work can be used on your website, YouTube, Soundcloud and other online content sites to showcase your sound as well as part of an electronic press kit (EPK); which we know every musician (and artist) use and need these days more than ever!

Audio is a passion and a science  and storytelling comes in many forms.  We will help you develop and record your podcast or audio drama using state of the art equipment and tried and true recording techniques.

Production Consultation


We are always pleasantly surprised by the amount of companies that approach us when designing their own recording area.  We offer guidance in equipment purchases as well as site visits to analyze your lighting conditions, sound needs and overall recording environment.  Don't buy an elephant gun to kill a fly.  We will get you down to the best gear for your recording needs.

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