Meeting 7

Guest Speaker - TBA

Topics - Outdoor Film Showcase 

Meeting 6

Topics - Group Communication

Facebook Events, Productions

We convened at FC Public Media's studio, which had been adjusted for film viewing and panel discussions. 


We talked about issues with Adobe Premiere's Closed Captioning in CC 2018, and audio "Expander" used in Final Cut Pro to level up audio that falls below a certain db, which is the opposite of a limiter.

Finge Fest is coming up, along with the Weekend Warrior 48 Hour Film Festival and Horsetooth Film Festival and 53:14 just wrapped up! 7 films were shown, soda water was consumed and the meeting wrapped at 9:30.

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Meeting 5

Guest Speaker - Jesse Nyander

Topics - 

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Meeting 4

Topics - Special Effects, Horror Film Festivals, Production Assistance

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Meeting 3

Guest Speaker - Peggy Lyle

Topics - BIFF FoCo, ArtUp Week

Meeting 2

Guest Speaker - Anthony Cross

Topic - SALT Magazine Video Content

We met around the big table and discussed organizational needs and the best platforms to get information to all interested filmmakers.

Guest Speaker - Anthony Cross discussed SALT magazine and their integration of video content an the showcasing of local filmmakers' work.

We then went into the large theatre, where the above videos were shown along with 4 others, with introductions from the producers. 

Meeting 1

A gathering of filmmakers at The Tap and Handle discussed what a filmmakers group could look like and visited some of the challenges that have faced prior groups.


We noted that there were several local filmmakers that needed to be brought to the table and that we would reach out and invite all that we deemed pertinent.


We agreed that the sharing of productions on the big screen would play a great role, as would guest speakers. The Lyric volunteered to host, while The Museum of Discovery, The Artery and FC Public Media all agreed to co-host from time to time.

We agreed to meet again the following month at The Lyric and show some work, with a discussion in the beginning.

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