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Welcome to FC Public Media


A community media resource connecting creators of all skill levels

with gear, training and support for projects.


What do you want to create? 

FC Public Media provides skill building opportunities, equipment and production resources to support a variety of video and audio productions that meet our community’s needs for news, information, and entertainment.   


Join or collaborate with FC Public Media and gain access to: 


  • Adaptable, spacious, studio space 

  • Diverse, state-of-the-art gear for video, photography, audio, and podcasts

  • Software suites for video and photography editing

  • Hands-on training and classes for equipment and editing software  

  • The FC Public Media creative community 

What will you create?  Local news, information and entertainment shows, social media reels, podcasts,

audition reels, and more. 


Support your projects by utilizing diverse resources for video, audio, podcast and photography production,

combined with high- quality gear, software, knowledge and community support. Your creative work is worth it!


Come, be involved in our community!

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