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Media Production Services for Nonprofits


Services include social media shorts, event coverage, public service announcements and organizational awareness videos.  Full production includes preproduction planning, capturing and postproduction, including exporting and delivery of the final file. 

Contact today to learn how we can help your non-profit.

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Food Bank for Larimer County

COVID 19 Update

On one of the first days of the pandemic, a member of our staff called and visited the Food Bank to see how we could help. We quickly realized that they were about to get very busy for a very long time. This video shows some of their important work and was filmed in mid-March, well before masks and social distancing had even been mentioned.

Produced fully by FC Public Media

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Alliance for Suicide Prevention

Colorado Gives Day

We created this short version specifically for Colorado Gives Day so that viewers could enjoy learning about Alliance for Suicide Prevention of Larimer County on a day that they were visiting many websites and taking in a lot of information.

Produced fully by FC Public Media

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Bike + Video Camp 2019


An 8 day camping adventure by Bike Fort Collins that takes cyclists all around the great city of Fort Collins, Colorado and teaches safe riding, signaling and more. This year the camp teamed up with FC Public Media who taught the riders how to take photographs and video and compiled all the footage they captured. We had a lot of fun along the way!

Produced by camp members, staff and FCPM

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United Way 



A campaign by United Way of Larimer County to raise awareness about volunteerism within the organization and community. Produced using still images provided by UWLC and additional footage and audio provided by FC Public Media.

Final editing by FC Public Media

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Safe Routes to School


A look at the partnership between the City of Fort Collins and Bike Fort Collins to provide a world-class bike-ped safety program to students at local schools.


Produced fully by FC Public Media.

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River of Stories

with Urban Ranger Chip Matthews

A look at the history of the Working Section of Poudre River Downtown and how it shaped the city of Fort Collins with Urban Ranger Chip Mathews. Shown as a part of a series at the Lyric Cinema Cafe on October 17th, 2018.

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Neighbor to Neighbor


A video about Neighbor to Neighbor to raise awareness about their mission, while giving some of the people they serve an opportunity to express the ways their services have changed their lives.

Produced fully by FC Public Media

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